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tinklers music

Music Classes For Toddlers & Babies

Come along to Tinklers Music to experience one of our creative and magical music classes for babies and toddlers. We have online sessions and local sessions based in Lewes and Uckfield.

We would love to see your little Tinkler at Tinklers Music time!

What happens in the music sessions?


There are exciting activities for your little Tinklers!


Movement, Singing, rhythm, pitch games and exploring instruments.


Parachutes, puppets, hoops, boom whackers, beanbags and bouncing ponds all engage and enhance the creative, fun atmosphere you will experience at a Tinklers session.


You’ll never know what will come out next!

We are starting new music sessions across Sussex and Brighton & Hove.

Please contact us for more information.



What will your tinkler experience?


They will:

  • Explore different sounds

  • Learn new exciting songs and games

  • Be introduced to a wide variety of music styles

  • Develop a sense of rhythm and movement

  • Enjoy making new friends

  • Have fun being a music maker


Parents/carers are very important to the Tinklers sessions and are actively encouraged to join in the activities. The children love to see their parent/carer take part, and the more fun you have together, the greater the enjoyment overall.


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