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About Tinklers Music


Tinklers music classes for toddlers & babies creates a special time together, enhancing the natural musical awareness that young children possess.

Fun and enjoyment is the key to stimulating a child's development, and that's what Tinkler's is all about!


Meet Sarah

Hi I’m Sarah, the founder of Tinklers Music.In 2001 I started up this small music group for some friends when I was at home with my four young lovely children. I have had the experience of being an instrumental teacher and a specialist primary school teacher, hence I have a wide range of skills to draw upon.  Having studied music at college for 5 years, I was keen for my children to gain musical experiences at a very early age and found that many of my friends felt the same. I was eager that my children benefited from the developments music can bring to young children, so I gathered a group and created my own songs and activities for all of us to get together and enjoy. I love writing my own songs for the groups and hence the majority of the materials used in the sessions are completely unique to Tinklers Music.


Tinklers Music

Tinklers are an independent music group which is passionate about bringing musical experiences to young children. As an independently run group, there is a sense of nurturing, intimacy and belonging to Tinklers, which only a local set up can capture.


Tinklers also provides children’s parties and runs training sessions in schools and nurseries in the local area.


Locally  sessions run in the Lewes and Uckfield area, mornings only. The groups have grown quickly in popularity, as there is demand for high quality and dynamic music sessions within the community. We also offer online sessions which will take place each weekday morning.


Tinklers offers an exciting and creative musical experience for children. Fantastic fun, come and find us!

Want to see us in action? No problem!

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My son ADORES Sarah/Tinklers!! She has wonderful catchy songs, and her energy is just amazing to watch, Tinklers is the favourite part of our week!! We sing all the songs at home too!!


Both my children have really enjoyed tinklers, Sarah is great at engaging  everyone so that even the shyest come out of their shells and that includes the mums too!!


Ellie and I have been going to Tinklers since Ellie was 12 months old. A year on and Tinklers is still the highlight of our week! We love the opportunity to sing and explore musical instruments together and I firmly believe it has been an important part of Ellie's musical, language and social development.


I've never seen my 3 year old daughter enjoy herself so much in any other class. In fact, both my girls (3yrs and 20mths) love Tinklers and sing the welcome song at home all the time.

I have loved taking both my boys along to Tinklers from when they were 6 months to 4 years old. They love it.  Sarah has amazing energy. The songs, puppets and games are fun, original and lively and the sessions are perfectly paced to keep everyone engaged. We all look forward to it very week. 

Ruth has been going to Tinklers for the last 6 years. It's my favourite half hour of the week, singing, dancing, and playing the instruments, my two girls love it too !!! 


My daughter (now 3) and I have been coming to Tinklers music sessions for over 2 years now and we are always delighted and charmed by the experience. Sarah is a such a brilliant session leader and the sessions are always varied, joyful and fun.

Tinklers is the highlight of Arthur's week (and mine, actually) and has given a real love of rhythm and music! 


We have been coming to Tinklers for many years as my two younger children are a few years apart in age. Always love this little half an hour in the morning to start the day with some sunny songs, shakers and drums, noise and fun! Some firm favourites we sing at home and oh we also love the tubular bells with the bubble machine!


We have been going to Tinklers since my daughter was six months old; she is now three and still looks forward to every session. So does her one year old brother! Both are excellent dancers, movers, shakers, rattlers, drummers and wrigglers, and I put this down completely to the fun we have had at Tinklers every Monday!


Tinklers has been such a fantastic weekly group. Sarah has boundless energy, creativity and a brilliant way with engaging with the kids and teaching them about rhythm in a playful, fun imaginative way. My little on has loved every session.


We always look forward to Tinklers. From the word go my daughter has felt welcome and included and has thoroughly enjoyed it. Sarah  is exceptional in her ability to interact with and engage the attention of young children. The time is carefully structured and always fun. If you chose to do only one group activity with your child I would heartily recommend Tinklers.


My two girls absolutely love coming to Tinklers! The songs are fun and memorable, so much so that we often sing them at home and they have surprised me with how much of the words and tune they can recall. And the tidying away song works at home too! The range of instruments available for them to try is brilliant, and it's a great space where they really can be as loud as they want. Sarah is a fantastic teacher and her enthusiasm and energy never seem to wane. I can honestly say that I have precious memories of the three of us going along to Tinklers together - thank you. 


The atmosphere at Tinklers is really nice and relaxed and I have often told people that Sarah is like the Pied-Piper -  somehow she manages to engage all the children and they just love her.  My son Calvin absolutely loves Tinklers and to be honest, it never fails to cheer me up in the morning either! 


I have been going to Tinklers with my children for over 5 years and I think I enjoy it as much as they do! Great place to make friends of all ages. Fantastic opportunity for children to learn through music, grow in confidence, make a lot of noise and have a wonderful time. The 'banana song' and 'Peter sausage pumpernickel' will always remain firm favourites in our house. Thank you to Sarah for being such an enthusiastic and fun part of my children's lives.


Gemma, Rupert and Hannah, Lewes

Tinklers has been such a rich experience for both of my children. Lots of fun, and something they were both thoroughly engaged in. Clara's favourite is the 'banana' song, and Ben always loved the 'horsey' song where he got to run back to me. Lots of happy memories, and still enjoying it.


Tinklers fills my babies souls with music, laughter and joy. Sarah is a delight to be around and her lessons are the highlight of our week. Her classes are chilled out, full of variety and filled with brilliant songs unique to Tinklers. My kids love, love them and I find after half an hour of Tinkler tinkling I leave with a big smile too. Thank you!


My 11 month old daughter absolutely loves Tiny Tinklers and I really look forward to taking her to the class. It's a fantastic combination of energy, instruments, singing and moving! I'd thoroughly recommend it!


Tinklers time is much more than a music group, It is a place to watch your children's confidence grow. Sarah is patient, kind and incredibly gifted in what she does, we sing songs from Tinklers Time at home every day! We have been going for 4 years and I can't bear that, when my youngest starts school, we will have to stop, Thank you Sarah.

I have been coming to Tinklers for five years now with my two boys. Every week I look forward to seeing Sarah's smile and experiencing her positive energy. Myself and my boys have loved her singing, music and various activities! It has always been a highlight in our week and a chance to meet up with good friends.

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