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How Music Affects Your Child’s Mood

Have you noticed what an amazing effect music has upon your child’s mood?

In my experience I found that by playing music to my children they became more emotionally balanced in a positive way. It seemed to create a calming or stimulating effect, generating different emotions, making their experiences richer, more varied, and deeper.

I have become aware of how musical experiences are a great way of allowing children to release tension and a fantastic way of distracting from tricky behavioral situations, which we have all known and experienced!

Do you hear your child humming or improvising a known song? This is a great example of them developing their own self-expression, releasing their emotional tension.

I love the way children make up songs, complete melodies or sing little conversations, often creating new songs from old ones. All of these activities are helping them to develop their thought processes, and by exposing them to lots of music, they have many musical ideas to draw upon without realising it!

There’s no doubt about it music is the gateway to development.

I hope all the experiences that happen in the Tinklers music classes for babies and young children, will help them to develop and grow their minds. All the fun activities including the pop up series, new songs and many movement-based pieces is a springboard from which they can explore themselves.

Here’s a link you might want to have a look at from The Guardian. It’s an article on childhood brain performance.

Thank you for reading!

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